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Stepping beyond my backdoor...

Hi, I'm Anna

Growing up, one of my fondest memories was exploring the countryside outside my back door. My siblings and I would wander through the apple orchards and cow pastures, but our favorite activity was exploring the woods and building forts. I can still remember the damp forest ground and the smell of honeysuckles. 


Growing up in Virginia, the past was always a part of the scenery. History floated all around, and I was continually intrigued to learn more. I was fortunate to have parents who enjoyed taking us out in nature and going to the numerous historic sites around the area.


Travel gives me abundance.

The more I traveled, my spirit grew to explore new places. Whether walking down a brick path in a historical garden, eating fantastic food, or hiking in a national park, I always felt a sense of overflowing abundance, as if travel gave me everything I needed and more. 


I can still feel my energy level expand when I think about planning my next trip. I love the entire process, from the logistics to the lodging and food to all the amazing new things to see and do! I love to see the surprise on my husband's face when we walk past a long line because I know to purchase tickets ahead of time.

Experience & Expertise

When it became time to pick a college major, I knew that travel had to be a part of my life moving forward. So I went to a small university to study hospitality & tourism, minoring in history. (Notably, the school also happened to be beautiful, and history creaked through the halls.)


As the years went on, I gained vast experience in the travel industry. My expertise includes historic manor houses in Virginia, a guest cattle ranch in Colorado, experiencing the hustle and bustle of working in a large city hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., to event management at a regional park on the Potomac River, and the famous Red Bus Tours in Glacier National Park.


Now I enjoy putting all my expertise together and planning travel itineraries that take travelers off the beaten path. I delight in curating trips unique to each of my client's desires.

Passion & Inspiration

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller


My Values 





Strengths & Personality 

I am guided daily by my passion and positivity


In my career, being resourceful and detail ordinated has allowed me to expand past the ordinary.


As a lifelong runner, running has shown me the power of hard work and determination to achieve my goals.


If you asked my family what one of my top traits is, they would most likely say organized. I am a woman on a mission when it comes to staying organized. Life seems a little bit better when things are organized! 




Seeking a Life More Wild

Becoming a mother is like nothing I can accurately describe. I was utterly unprepared when I stepped into this new life dynamic full of ups and downs. As with many things in life, you realize that you must go with the flow at a certain point. Motherhood has deepened my appreciation of travel, and I am excited to experience more of the world with my children while joyfully going with the flow! 


My lovely family and I call Montana home. We are so fortunate to live this chapter of our life in such spectacular surroundings, seeking a life more wild.